West Lake produce award winning traditional and organic apple juice and cider. We have now added a new product - a Traditional Method - Cider which has been 3 years in production.  Click here for Champagne options.

Crafted from our own hand selected apples or local West country apples and using our traditional production methods makes West Lake products a premium choice. We press single variety and blended apples producing a range of juices from sweet to sharp to suit all tastes and occasions. Cider production follows long slow fermentation methods using only west country cider apples achieving a wonderful depth of taste. Vintage, single vareity ciders enhance the range.
Our vinegars slowly acetify over a three year period. They contain no chemicals or additives and are as such the purest vinegars you can buy having a wonderful full fruity flavour. 

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Devon's own apple juice and cider
Devon apples pressed to perfection here on the farm.

Tel: 01409 221991
Cox with Bramley
gets top award
Russet with Bramley
gets top award too
We are delighted that our entries swept the board in May taking all three top prizes
Single variety apple juice: Second place
Blended apple juice: Second place.

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Our New Champgne method cider took First Prize in the Retail Section
and Awarded Reserve Champion
West Lake swept the board in the apple juice section taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
Also First place for our Champagne Cider in the Retail Section.Third place in the Sparkling 'blind taste' ciders.

Bath and West 2010
West Lake take First place in the apple juice and third place in the ciders.
BATH AND WEST (the Internationals) May 2013
Two of the top judges in the country for Sparkling Cider gave West Lake's new Champagne Cider Third in class - only three awards were granted...a tremendous achievement in this top class competition.
Come and stay at West Lake Farm in our
4 star ' self-catering cottage:
Orchard Keepers Cottage
Gold Award from the English Tourist Board

'Welcome Juice and cider on arrival'
George will give you a tour of the farms activities.

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